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Al Braha Shipping Oman

Al Braha shipping established in 2018 to maximize the financial returns and economic impact of government logistics investments, Al Braha Group brings together 16 logistics companies and joint ventures under one entity, improving performance, creating efficiencies and offering economies of scale. The Group is comprised of three deep ports and three free zones supported by Oman’s five airports, a new rail network and a world-class road network.</p> <p>


Al Braha Services

Al Braha shipping Set up in 2016, in Oman grew out of the Omani government’s vision to develop a national fleet catering to the maritime transportation requirements of the country’s rapidly growing hydrocarbon, petrochemical, mining, and metallurgical industries.</p> <p>

Freight Services

Al Braha Freight operations are unique in the OMAN, in that they…

Port and Free Zones

Al Braha include three deep-water ports and three free zones – all…

Al Braha Express

Al Braha Express offers a new, fast and agile door-to-door domestic express…

Public Services

Our public service offering includes Oman, which includes al braha shipping Company…


Ports & Free Zones

Al Braha shipping include three deep-water ports and three free zones - all supported by Oman’s five airports, a planned new USD 20 billion rail network and a USD 10 billion world-class road network providing gateway distribution capabilities across the Sultanate and the wider Oman.

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